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UPDATED February 2013

This is a work in might always be in progress! This is a listing of places, organizations, clubs, etc, all with useful information and where you can find and get involved with your local scene. Listings include both pansexual and exclusive groups.

When sending me a link, try to include the following: name of the group, city and state its primarily located in, and a brief description of the group or organization. Also provide contact info--URL, or email contact, or snail mail/phone.

Note--PLEASE do not send listings of professional dungeons, pro doms, or BDSM-related businesses. I cannot stress that enough. This page is simply a guide to where people can meet and get involved.

Helpful hint--I'll list them if you send them, but Yahoo discussion groups, pages on Geocities, Angelfire, etc, have a brief life span due to the growing anti-adult censorship of those web communities. You're better off having your page hosted by an adult friendly (or at least indifferent) provider.

If your group was at one of those providers and have had your webpage taken down or moved elsewhere--please write me with your new address!

Also, please do not send date-specific listings of anything that'll expire--trying to keep this page a resource for ongoing groups/organizations.

Email me to add a new link/update or report dead links

Nothing close to you? So start one! Here's a link that will help:

Start Your Own Fetish Support Group: by Laura Goodwin

Recently I've found out that a couple of other sites have copied Scene USA, almost word for word. I have not given permission for my site to be mirrored, not that I was even asked. The information listed here is public...but the code is mine. Please respect that, and if you want to use these listings, at least code it your own way.

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Not that it really belongs here on Scene USA, but having nowhere else to put 'em and in the thought that someone might even actually enjoy it, below are links to three BDSM-related humor pieces I've done:

Sydb's Personal Ad (The Sub Male Placement Service)

Too Many Male Subs--the Solution!

Good Idea...BAD idea..

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